Slow but steady progress

Well, it all seems to be slowly coming together.

I got a few site changes done today and tried a few things.

Tomorrow I start teaching the kids how to use this.. that way they will be able to contribute on our trip.

They often take far better photographs than me, so with their additional input hopefully they can show some of their friends how amazing this country can be if you just get out and look.


  1. Danica Wild

    This is a really cool blog, it’s really cool, i wish i could remember wat mine was called then i would show you but i can’t so hahahahahahaha anywayz ir u still going to Katherine!!!!?????
    Danica :D :? 8) :cry: 8O :evil: :!: :idea: :mrgreen: :?: :P :oops: :roll: :( :twisted: :Angel: :Whistle: :ppp: :ThD: :Beer: :jgl: :LOL: :Banana: :fp: :Burn: :lr:

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:D :? 8) :cry: 8O :evil: :!: :idea: :mrgreen: :?: :P :oops: :roll: :( :twisted: :Angel: :Whistle: :ppp: :ThD: :doh: :Beer: :LOL: more »