Are we there yet?

Well two weeks with out posting again, :oops:

Yeh I know, that’s pretty slack.. but we have been making progress.

Despite Land Rover making it as hard as possible to mount the HF under the drivers seat it is now solidly mounted and operational.   The  head unit has found a home and it looks like all vehicle comms are complete.

HF Mount4

We have also removed the rear air suspension and installed new LRA rear springs for this trip. I will most likely put the airbags back in after we return – as they do provide a very good ride.

I am making a rear window protector out of poly carbonate sheet that I’ve had cut to size and will be picking up tomorrow.

As long as the weather holds out, this weekend is all about trailer preparation.

It’s in pretty good condition, but repacking the wheel bearings, a full grease and fully flushing the water tank are the main jobs to get done.  I also need to remount the battery box and see what I can do about a little more stone protection.

Just over a month to go and it looks like we are in pretty good shape.

I think the hardest bit left is waiting 40 whole days until we can get out of the city for a while!   :camp:


  1. Pedro T Swift

    Morning! :)

    How about a pic of the rear antenna mount?

    only 26 to go!!! :Banana:

  2. Mark

    I’ll see if I can get one up this weekend Pedro..

    Yes… time is ticking away.. and again it’s been a while since we posted.. :Whistle:

    That will change when we are on the road… as long as the great telco god’s of the interweb smile on us.. :mrgreen:

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