55 days to go!!


:jgl:  8O   8O   8O

Time seems to be rushing along but we are making steady progress. :D

Vehicle Prep:

Installation of the rear antenna mount for the HF is complete and we have decided on the mounting positions for the Codan HF radio, remote head and speaker.  All of these should go into the car over the weekend….fingers crossed.

The Codan will provide our long distance communications while the UHF will cover more local vehicle to vehicle work. These combined a NextG prepaid as a tethered modem to give us internet access (when we can find some signal), pretty much completes setup of our communications gear.

I hope to arrange some testing  of the HF in the next week or so as well – as we all have a bit to learn and I want all of us to know how to use it in an emergency.

So with a bit of luck, we shouldnt end up like this bloke…


As far as the blog goes there has been a bit of work going on in the background.

We are creating an outback contacts page – I’ve gathered some information from a couple of sites I regularly use, but cross checking and correcting details before I publish them is taking a little longer than I planned.

Hopefully we will have that complete before the end of the week.


  1. Pete

    Hi guys, I am currently tearing out what’s left of my hair finding a suitable mount for a Barrett HF auto tune for my Series 2 disco. I am attempting to make one up myself but I noticed yours and wondered from where these were available and if they might be robust enough to carry the auto tune. Cheers, Pete

    1. Mark


      It was actually built to carry an autotune. I got it through time plus communications in Coburg : http://www.cbradioaustralia.com.au/ ,he had to order it in for me.

      I’ve now sold that vehicle, but the current owner still has the bracket on the car. Good luck…Mark

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