Preparation in it’s final stages.

Well It’s getting close now, preparation is in it’s final stages and everyone is really looking forward to getting on the road.

Over the last few weeks  we have done the preparation on the trailer. We’ve checked and repacked the wheel bearings, greasing the shackles and hitch, replacing the tires and adding some rubber protection to the Jerry can holders. The water tank currently is full of a mix of water and Milton  (The stuff you use to sterilise babys bottles) to get rid of that sitting in the shed taste.

The rear window protector for the car is complete and I mounted that yesterday. It’s made from Polycarbonate sheet mounted using 3M dual lock and some clear silicon “dots” to keep it spaced of the window.

Rear window protector

I also revisited the LRA springs we fitted a few weeks ago – deciding that 220lb just wasn’t heavy enough once I added the load of the trailer plus a packed car. We swapped them over for 320lb and the result is excellant.  Without the load this would be too heavy – but I will be putting the air suspension back in after the trip so I am convinced it’s just right.

The primary battery decided last week to give up the ghost – but as it was the original battery from Land Rover, I guess I can’t really complain about only getting 5 1/2 years out of it!

It did give me an opportunity to prove to myself that in the event of the main battery failing – the secondary does cut in automatically on startup and we now have a nice new 950CCA Century under there.  It’s good to know the secondary battery and isolator is working correctly before we have a problem out in the bush.

So batteries should not  give us any more grief.

We’ve started organising and packing the chargers and 12V batteries for the miriad of devices we seem to have aquired.  Between Cameras , Ipods, Laptops and GPS – its amazing just how many 12V chargers one family can collect!


The car goes back to Roverland this week for a final service and check over, other than that,  preparation over the next week will mainly be food planning – sorting out tools and spares and some last minute bits and pieces.  This is my last clear weekend before we leave as the Victorian Age Short Course Championships keeping us rather busy the next one.

Most likely next post we will be just about ready to go…….



  1. Pedro

    OMG! OMG! OMG!

    only THREE days to go!!!

    in case I miss the launch–

    Good Luck and Fair Winds.

    Pete ‘n Di ;)

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