3 more sleeps <(-_-)>


Today I packed all my clothes and helped dad change the tires on the car.     :4by:

Only 3 days ’till we leave !     :party:

I will keep everyone posted (if we can find a nextG connection :boo: ) on what we are doing after we leave, so check daily.

Josh  :prop:


  1. mum

    Hope you have an awesome time!!
    Missing you already :cry:

    Oh yeah Josh I got Strassman tix today!!! :Happy:

    Mum :spudwave:

    1. Josh

      Hi Mum,

      We are having a great time and seeing lots of cool stuff (check out the gallery)

      Thanks for the tickets ” Sheldon, who’s Sheldon?” :D

      cya in Alice

  2. mum

    Mmm Boys looks like those internet connections are a bit few and far between!!

    Guess I’ll just have to be patient until Birdsville :Whistle:

    Mum :spudwave:

  3. steve

    :D Hey guys,

    I’m hoping that if i send this today you’ll get it by the time you get next G connection. I’m not jealous about the driving casue I’m like one of those kids who sits in the back seat and cries “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”. I hate driving to the shops let alone the outback, but I’d love a plane that could meet you in all those amazing places ur about to visit. Anyway till we hear from you again drive safely, have heaps of fun and don’t kill each other. I’ve heard there’s plenty of space out where you are to get away from each other if the need arises. Hey Josh, pray for lots of rain so you might find a puddle or two to keep up the training. cya guys

    1. Josh

      Hi Steve,

      Having a great time and we have found lots of lakes… they’re all DRY!

      Missing school loads… not

      Hopefully we can get some pictures into the gallery.

      cya Josh

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