Day 1 – Home to Pooncarie

DAY 1!!!

We left off a bit late because of rain the night before. Our first stop was the bank in Mitcham. Dad went to get some money while I stayed in the car. It seemed ok until I leant over to get a puzzle book from my bag to solve the problem of boredom. The alarm went absolutely mental, dad conveniently locked the car and set the alarm <(+_+)>. I sat very still for while so the alarm stopped, I thought maybe I could get away with it this time but… I was wrong, the alarm went mental again but just as it started dad walked around the corner from the bank. Nothing much until we got to Bulleen. We were driving along in pretty heavy traffic so dad decided to take another route but the traffic stopped about 1 metre over the turning lane so it was only about half the normal size. Normal people would just wait for the traffic but nope dad said “WE’VE GOT A 4X4 WE MIGHT AS WELL USE IT!”, and with that drove straight over the nature strip and into the turning lane. The next stop was in Bendigo at the Beachworth Bakery where I had a shepherd’s pie and a caramel slice for desert, dad had a pastie. After that it was pretty boring driving along the freeway and the cool thing that happened was us crossing the Murray river into NSW! About 5km into NSW we decided to stop in Wentworth for dinner at a small fish – n – chip shop called the hot potato café. Dad and I had the 2 best burgers ever they were awesome! :eat:
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