Day 13 – Alice Springs – Around Town

We spend today visiting several of the attractions in Alice Springs itself, firstly we went to the School of the Air – without a doubt if you are in Alice spring you have to come here – we all really enjoyed it – and where very impressed by the whole operation.   We then went and took a look around the old Telegraph Station; they were obviously pretty tough back then!

Old Telegraph Station

After lunch in “town”, we visited the RFDS base – where we saw 2 real flights being coordinated and went around a museum showing us how the service has changed since it started.  We then visited the Reptile Park which was interesting – but as the day was so hot we didn’t stay long.

This evening there was free didgeridoo demonstration from a guy called Marshall Whyler   who was excellent, a terrific way to end another busy but enjoyable day.


  1. Hi folks,
    So wonderful to see in your blog that you enjoyed your visit to Alice Springs School of the Air and thank you for your recommendation to anyone who reads your blog.
    You may already be aware but I will take the opportunity to inform you of our Facebook page…
    Our facebook page will be continuously updated with photos and information that you may enjoy hearing about.
    Thanks again, and enjoy your travels.
    Coreena Lucas, Visitor Centre Manager
    Alice Springs School of the Air

    1. Mark

      The whole family really enjoyed the visit – so we are really only telling it as we saw it. Initially I thought that kids being educated this way where at a disadvantage, after the visit and seeing first hand the work of some of your very special teachers – I’m not sure they don’t actually have an advantage over kids educated in a conventional school!
      We’ll watch your facebook page with interest.

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