Day 14 – Alice Springs – West MacDonnell Ranges

After some discussion we decided to change our plans a little and rather than camping out at Redbank Gorge – we decided to stay here and day trip to that area. Just as well we did as the trailer would not have fitted in the marked campsites at Redbank! We headed west along the well trodden tourist route – lots more rocks and gorges! We stopped at Ellery Creek Big Hole which had very little water in it, Serpentine Gorge, the Ochre Pits where the local tribes used to mine Ochre for their paint and to trade but our favorite along this stretch was Ormiston Gorge. It had quite a lot of water and was very spectacular. Then we continued around to Gosse Bluff which is a meteor crater from 130million years ago, today it’s nearly 5 km wide, but they estimate it was as big as 20 after impact – what we see is what is left after millions of years of erosion! We were able to drive right inside it (4wd only) and climbed a steep path to a lookout which a spectacular view. This was a highlight of the day.  On the way back to Alice we were able to give the girls a short demonstration of outback corrugations as the road from Gosse Bluff to Palm valley was pretty ordinary.

We stopped in at Palm Valley just to check the trailer will fit in the campsite – as we have noticed many a very small sites making it impossible with the style of camper we tow.  This is a spectacular place after a 21 km 4wd route in following the creek bed in many sections.  We will be returning here to camp in the next day or so.

We then went up Anzac hill to watch the sunset over the town – very pretty.

Sunset Over Alice

After dinner tonight, we came across our first reason for spending a little longer in Alice…After another evening bouncing on the jumping pillow in the park and messing around with the dozens of kids here, Josh had a bit of a crash….a couple of hours in Alice Springs hospital and 3 stitches later – good as new! :prop: .. but we decided to stay an extra day just to be sure all was ok before moving on.


  1. Grandpa

    Mmm – 3 stitches eh? Like father, like son, as the saying goes.

    I recall having to go to the hospital in Bedford in 1971 to get a certain 9-year old’s tongue sewn up. I didn’t much like the sound of that sort of embroidery being done without any anaesthetic – have the men compared their experiences? :roll:

  2. Steve

    ouch!!! Any excuse for attention hey Josh. Hope you are feeling better!!

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