Day 3 – Tibooburra to Cameron Corner


On day 3 we drove from Tibooburra to Cameron Corner. Cameron Corner was a place I was really looking forward to going to. Cameron Corner is where the borders of SA, NSW and QLD meet. That basically means that you can stand in SA then take two steps towards the right you can be in NSW then if you take two steps forward you can be in QLD then two steps two steps towards the left puts you back in SA. When we got up I was really excited and we set off just like any other day until approx. 20km down the road we blew our first tire. L.  Dad had to change the tire in the middle of nowhere and after that we had to drive back to Tibooburra to find a mechanic. We found a very helpful mechanic who helped us take the wrecked tire off the rim and put the tire that we had without a rim onto the rim. J.

After that minor problem it was smooth sailing all the way to Fort Gray which is about 25km out of Cameron’s Corner. This is where we decided to have lunch. BIG MISTAKE! The amount of flies at Fort Gray was outrageous! We also decided to go on a walk out of Fort Gray it was very interesting but extraordinarily hot.

After the walk we dragged ourselves to the car, crawled in and put the air conditioner on. We continued driving to Cameron Corner once we arrived we went to the real geographic point of the 3 states meeting. We because the post is sort of high and chained off it was very hard to take pictures of but dad and I still came out with one or two good pics.

After having a can of coke at the Corner store dad and I set up camp. We met some other people in camp site one was guy doing the same sort of trip as us but he was on a trail bike and he was on his OWN! We also met an older man driving to the same place as us so we agreed to drive together the next day.
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  1. Grandpa

    “dad and I still came out with one or two good pics”.

    Personally, I would call several of your pics *Great*. I particularly like the pic of the Rainbow Bee-eater (birdlife@cullyamurra3) – which of you took that?

    We were delighted to be able to catch up with your updated blog this morning. Since we were nearing your stated limit of four newsless days I had been planning to call out the cavalry. Fort George does not appear to be on-line, so I cannot ask F troop to send a search party. :D

    I have never seen a tyre so completely ruined before – very impressive. Do you hope to acquire a replacement spare before too long?

    We are looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

    Cheers, :Beer:


  2. mum

    Hi Guys

    Great pics KA was also wondering who took the birdies!! They look cool!!
    Blue sky looks inviting!! Its raining here on da netball!!

    Hope you have sorted your tire issue talk to you soon

    Tricia :spudwave:

  3. Paula & Martin & Kristen

    Great photos, the weather looks great too
    Hope all goes well with tyre.

    Hope the rest of the trip is event free. Look after yourselves.

    Paula, Martin, Kristen & Jason. xxxx

  4. Iain Watson

    Hey team! Hope the car holds up for the remainder of the trip.
    Have been enjoying the fantastic scenery and diary – keep up the good work.
    Missed you at club champs – everyone there says “hello” :ppp:

  5. Katherine

    One more sleep!! :party:
    We’re coming to get you!!!!
    hehehe :lol:
    see you soon

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