Day 4 – Cameron Corner to Innamincka

On day 4 we drove from Cameron’s Corner to Innamincka via the Bore track. Before we left dad fueled the car up and bought some ice and a Cameron’s Corner cap souvenir for me J (thanks dad). We had met a man the night before in the campsite who was going the same way but was alone. Dad agreed to travel with him as far as Innamincka. The Bore track was a real mix of good smooth road, rocky and hard road and corrugated and bumpy. The drive wasn’t very interesting because we didn’t see any animals or anything but flat plains, sand dunes and plants.

When we arrived we had a look in the trading post (Innamincka’s only shop aside from the Hotel) everything was really expensive. I wanted to buy another hat but they were $25ea so I thought that was a bit too expensive. I bought a fluro green Innamincka stubby holder instead.

We decided to go for a drive to Cullyamurra Waterhole and the grave the famous explorer Robert O’Hara Bourke. He was the leader of the great Victorian expedition (the first European men to cross Australia South to North). Apart from the heat the water hole was great. There was a lot of different birds like pelicans, willy wag tails, pidgeons, cormorants and some eagles (we also found the eagles nests) we took lots of photos.

We also visited the dig tree. This is located at the site of Bourke and Wills 1860 base camp on Cooper Creek. Many people think the dig tree has a face carved into it but it turns out this is not true. The dig tree has words carved into it and about 10 metres away from it another tree to remember Bourke. In that tree there is a face carved.

On the way back from the dig tree about 20km out of Innamincka we blew our second tire on the trailer ( that meant that we had no more spares for the trailer.  :( ) Dad and I were very disappointed.

We got back to Innamincka very annoyed so we decided to book a hotel room just to chill out. It was really nice to sleep in a bed.




  1. Carmel

    Hi Sewell Family!!! Hope you got away safely Tricia and Katherine!! Also glad to see the Leyland brothers have arrived in the Alice. Have a great time- the photos are excellent! xxx Carm

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