Days 15 & 16 – Stuck In Alice Springs a Little Longer

Wednesday morning during my regular check under the bonnet and under the car I found the rear end covered in diesel.  After some investigation it appeared that the high pressure fuel line from the tank to the filter was leaking.  Reason no. 2 for staying in Alice a little longer. :ThD:

I took the car to the local Land Rover dealer – Sutton Motors, who diagnosed a cracked hose and also found the fuel pressure regular leaking. This meant getting parts in – so we were stuck for at least another day.

Being well prepared we have RACV totalcare – who I contacted as soon as I realised we would be without a car until we got a repair. I am pretty disappointed to say the help was not anywhere near as good as I had hoped.  On initial contact they agreed to cover additional accommodation here – and to provide a hire car until our car was repaired, all looked pretty promising. Unfortunately a bit more than two hours later I was contacted by another RACV person – that appeared to have no idea what had been arranged or what we needed. After some explanation she understood what we needed – but when she called back I was told there were no hire cars available at all in Alice Springs… so the family where on foot!  We used a Taxi to get back to the trailer – which the RACV will be reimbursing us for – but to my total astonishment rather than offering to help the following day it was suggested I call them back to get them to try again!

We didn’t bother – as after contacting Sutton’s and explaining the situation – they did all they could to get my car back on the road ASAP. I had it back by 3pm Thursday after flying in the part we needed and to my astonishment the cost was no more than I would have paid in Melbourne.

Suttons – thank you for great service and assistance.  :lr:

RACV – I think there will be further correspondence over the gap between the promises and the delivery.

We spent Wednesday and Thursday pretty much killing time, got some washing and blogging done, and organised ourselves ready to head out to Palm Valley on friday.

We will be heading straight to Uluru from there and then come back to Kings Canyon early next week.

We’ll post some more and get some more photos up when we get a chance and have signal.

There are heaps more photos to come once I get them organised – so far between the 4 cameras we have amassed nearly 3000 photos!

Stay tuned for more updates!….


  1. Steve

    woo hoo family photo night…ummm….few days….maybe a week…please don’t mention a month at the Sewell’s. Hope you’ve got plenty of chips and coke.

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