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Day 7 - Birdsville to Boulia

Day 7, we got up early and packed up the trailer. Then we went to the bakery to get some bread, before we headed out to the edge of the Simpson Desert to see “Big Red”. This is one of the biggest Sand dunes in the desert. We drove up to the top where I […]

Day 6 - Innamincka to Birdsville

We got up nice and early so we could get to the mechanics and buy a new tire. We had a lady take the tire off the rim. It was quite quick to be over and done with so we were back out on the road by about 9:50am.

We took the Cordillo Downs road […]

Day 5 - An Extra Day in Innamincka

Day 5 was a very unplanned and boring day. The problem was because we blew the tire the day before we now had no spare tires for the trailer and dad and I thought it was too risky to try and keep going without any spares. We tried going to the mechanics in Innamincka but […]

Day 4 - Cameron Corner to Innamincka

On day 4 we drove from Cameron’s Corner to Innamincka via the Bore track. Before we left dad fueled the car up and bought some ice and a Cameron’s Corner cap souvenir for me J (thanks dad). We had met a man the night before in the campsite who was going the same way but […]

Arrived in Alice - now we can catch up 5 days blogging!

We finally arrived this evening in Alice Springs…. after a 10 1/2 hour stint behind the wheel and 806 km…. most of it corrugated dirt and sand

Over the next 24 hours we will catch up the posts and photos. Josh is averaging about 150 photos a day so we have a little editorial […]

Day 3 - Tibooburra to Cameron Corner


On day 3 we drove from Tibooburra to Cameron Corner. Cameron Corner was a place I was really looking forward to going to. Cameron Corner is where the borders of SA, NSW and QLD meet. That basically means that you can stand in SA then take two steps towards the right you can […]

Day 2 - Pooncarie to Tibooburra

DAY 2!!!

We started the just like the one before long and boring driving until while we were driving from Pooncarie to Menindee lakes we saw a guy driving an commodore coming towards us. Dad slowed down to let him go past but the commodore started to fishtail and slammed into the edge post of […]

Day 1 - Home to Pooncarie

DAY 1!!!

We left off a bit late because of rain the night before. Our first stop was the bank in Mitcham. Dad went to get some money while I stayed in the car. It seemed ok until I leant over to get a puzzle book from my bag to solve the problem of boredom. […]

Yes we are still here!!

We are currently in Innaminka – as you might have guessed the next G coverage for a Prepaid internet has zero

There is no mobile phome coverage at all here – and the connection I am using here is Satellite — so reminds me of days gone by with Dial up!

We have to […]

3 more sleeps <(-_-)>


Today I packed all my clothes and helped dad change the tires on the car.

Only 3 days ’till we leave !

I will keep everyone posted (if we can find a nextG connection ) on what we are doing after we leave, so check daily.