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Day 24 – Murray Bridge to home

Last day today, we packed up camp (which we are now getting pretty good at) and started the final leg of the drive to home. The weather was overcast and cool and the last 700 km slowly ticked away as we slowly got used to having traffic around us again.

Not much to report for […]

Day 23 - Woomera to Murray Bridge

Today we woke up and it was raining so we had to pack up everything in the rain. It was really cold and not much fun.

On the way to Port Augusta we passed a solar powered car – it was still raining – Katherine said “it’s not going to go very fast in this […]

Day 22 - Kings Canyon to Woomera

Today we start heading towards home, the delays earlier in Alice mean we will not get to Dalhousie this trip and from all reports the only way now to get a decent view of the water in Lake Eyre is to fly, so I guess we will just have to come back again some time.


Day 21 - Kings Canyon

The warning signs in the camp ground about Dingoes were certainly true! We had been there less than an hour before we saw our first dingo sneaking around people’s campsites looking for an easy feed. It didn’t take long before it stole a container of ham from one camper and we saw this repeated several […]

Day 20 - The Olgas to Kings Canyon

Today we visited Kata Tjuta (The Olgas ) before driving up to Kings Canyon. At Kata Tjuta did the “Valley Of The Winds” walk – it wasn’t that windy but it was very scenic . It was a 7.4 km loop though the domes to 2 separate lookouts which were amazing, the walk took us […]

Day 19 - Uluru

Today we visited Uluru (Ayres Rock ), first we went to the cultural centre where we learned about some about the local aboriginals and the wildlife of the area. We also found out about a ranger guided walk called the Mala walk – which we decided to do. The walk was very informative and we […]