Day 19 – Uluru

Today we visited Uluru (Ayres Rock ), first we went to the cultural centre where we learned about some about the local aboriginals and the wildlife of the area. We also found out about a ranger guided walk called the Mala walk – which we decided to do. The walk was very informative and we learnt about the dreamtime stories of Uluru – the Pitjanjatjara people call these Tjukurpa (chook-a-pa).

The local aboriginals ask people not to climb Uluru because the climb can be dangerous and over 35 people have died  attempting the climb and the local aboriginals say they feel great sadness when someone is hurt or dies on their home land. They much prefer people to walk around the rock and learn more about their Tjukurpa stories – they say that there is no tjukurpa on top of Uluru, otherwise we would encourage climbing.

We continued to walk  :walk: around the rest of the rock, seeing many amazing rock formations. On the way around we also visited the Mutitjulu water hole which is very important because it is the only permanent water in the Uluru area.


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