Day 21 – Kings Canyon

The warning signs in the camp ground about Dingoes were certainly true!  We had been there less than an hour before we saw our first dingo sneaking around people’s campsites looking for an easy feed. It didn’t take long before it stole a container of ham from one camper and we saw this repeated several times in the short time we were there.  They seemed to have no fear of people and come into the camp ground any time of day.

We drove out toward the Canyon but stopped at the medical centre where I got my stitches out. When we arrived at the canyon we decided to do the 6km rim walk. This started with a very hard climb, going up over 100 metres.  The younger fitter generation managed this a bit faster than Mum and Dad.

Kings Canyon Climb 1Kings Canyon Climb 2

Again like the walk through Kata Tjuta it was very scenic and well worth the climb at the start. There were several spectacular lookouts.

We had lunch at Kathleen springs and did another shorter walk to the waterhole at the head of the Kathleen gorge.

After all the walking we were all very tired and went back to the campsite to rest


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