Day 22 – Kings Canyon to Woomera

Today we start heading towards home, the delays earlier in Alice mean we will not get to Dalhousie this trip and from all reports the only way now to get a decent view of the water in Lake Eyre is to fly, so I guess we will just have to come back again some time.

The plan was to head south and stay the night at Coober Pedy, but as we got close to the SA border the weather was starting to turn and for quite some time we drove just outside of what looked like a pretty nasty dust storm.

We stopped at Coober Pedy and within 15 Minutes the storm had arrived, the whole area was choked in dust and we quickly decided it was best to push on.

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We ended up traveling all the way down to Woomera where the weather was far more pleasant and set up camp for the night.

Over night the weather caught up – and while we had no dust storm, we had very strong winds, rain, thunder and lightning and for the first time in several weeks we were all pretty cold.  :rain: :rain: :rain: :rain:

Looks like the holiday was nearly over.

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