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Arrived in Alice - now we can catch up 5 days blogging!

We finally arrived this evening in Alice Springs…. after a 10 1/2 hour stint behind the wheel and 806 km…. most of it corrugated dirt and sand :drive:

Over the next 24 hours we will catch up the posts and photos. Josh is averaging about 150 photos a day  8O   so we have a little editorial work to do!

The girls join us tomorrow – so plenty to do before they arrive…

We’ll post again soon..


Day 3 - Tibooburra to Cameron Corner


On day 3 we drove from Tibooburra to Cameron Corner. Cameron Corner was a place I was really looking forward to going to. Cameron Corner is where the borders of SA, NSW and QLD meet. That basically means that you can stand in SA then take two steps towards the right you can be in NSW then if you take two steps forward you can be in QLD then two steps two steps towards the left puts you back in SA. When we got up I was really excited and we set off just like any other day until approx. 20km down the road we blew our first tire. L.  Dad had to change the tire in the middle of nowhere and after that we had to drive back to Tibooburra to find a mechanic. We found a very helpful mechanic who helped us take the wrecked tire off the rim and put the tire that we had without a rim onto the rim. J.

After that minor problem it was smooth sailing all the way to Fort Gray which is about 25km out of Cameron’s Corner. This is where we decided to have lunch. BIG MISTAKE! The amount of flies at Fort Gray was outrageous! We also decided to go on a walk out of Fort Gray it was very interesting but extraordinarily hot.

After the walk we dragged ourselves to the car, crawled in and put the air conditioner on. We continued driving to Cameron Corner once we arrived we went to the real geographic point of the 3 states meeting. We because the post is sort of high and chained off it was very hard to take pictures of but dad and I still came out with one or two good pics.

After having a can of coke at the Corner store dad and I set up camp. We met some other people in camp site one was guy doing the same sort of trip as us but he was on a trail bike and he was on his OWN! We also met an older man driving to the same place as us so we agreed to drive together the next day.
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Day 2 - Pooncarie to Tibooburra

DAY 2!!!

We started the just like the one before long and boring driving until while we were driving from Pooncarie to Menindee lakes we saw  a guy driving an commodore coming towards us. Dad slowed down to let him go past but the commodore started to fishtail and slammed into the edge post of a cattle grate right in front of us. :) It was quite funny but he stopped next to us so I tried not to laugh. Dad got out and helped make sure the car was ok and then we were back on our way.

After we calmed down from that we were back to driving long, straight roads. We stopped on top of a hill to get some photos of what the country side looked like. I took photos of the long straight road, some of the native flora and attempted a panorama (a series of photos joined together to make one big picture) but I failed.

The next town we came to was Menindee. This was one of the places famous explorers Bourke and Wills camped but today they grow lots of grapes there.  We then followed a good tarmac road to Broken Hill. This is where we had lunch. QUICK FACT: Broken Hill was the original of Australia’s huge mining company BHP (Broken Hill Proprietary)

After refueling we headed north to Milparika where we were going to camp at Depot Poole. This is the famous camp site of the explorer Charles Sturt.

The road north was a real mix of short tarmac sessions and gravel, some very rocky, some very corrugated and some soft and sandy.

When we got to Depot Poole all we found was a barren gibber plain so we decided to continue north to the next town called Tibooburra. We stayed at the caravan park. It was very comfortable because we had electricity J! Dad took me to the Tibooburra hotel for dinner we both had a chicken parma. It was DELICIOUS!
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Day 1 - Home to Pooncarie

DAY 1!!!

We left off a bit late because of rain the night before. Our first stop was the bank in Mitcham. Dad went to get some money while I stayed in the car. It seemed ok until I leant over to get a puzzle book from my bag to solve the problem of boredom. The alarm went absolutely mental, dad conveniently locked the car and set the alarm <(+_+)>. I sat very still for while so the alarm stopped, I thought maybe I could get away with it this time but… I was wrong, the alarm went mental again but just as it started dad walked around the corner from the bank. Nothing much until we got to Bulleen. We were driving along in pretty heavy traffic so dad decided to take another route but the traffic stopped about 1 metre over the turning lane so it was only about half the normal size. Normal people would just wait for the traffic but nope dad said “WE’VE GOT A 4X4 WE MIGHT AS WELL USE IT!”, and with that drove straight over the nature strip and into the turning lane. The next stop was in Bendigo at the Beachworth Bakery where I had a shepherd’s pie and a caramel slice for desert, dad had a pastie. After that it was pretty boring driving along the freeway and the cool thing that happened was us crossing the Murray river into NSW! About 5km into NSW we decided to stop in Wentworth for dinner at a small fish – n – chip shop called the hot potato café. Dad and I had the 2 best burgers ever they were awesome! :eat:
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Yes we are still here!!

We are currently in Innaminka – as you might have guessed the next G coverage for a Prepaid internet has zero :cry:

There is no mobile phome coverage at all here – and the connection I am using here is Satellite — so reminds me of days gone by with Dial up!

We have to spend an extra day here as we last our second spare on the trailer yesterday afternoon – and being sunday today can’t get it replaced until tomorrow.

We are safe and well and having a terrifc adventure – so I’ll try and upload some images and get off here so Josh can post a bit about whats been happening!

3 more sleeps <(-_-)>


Today I packed all my clothes and helped dad change the tires on the car.     :4by:

Only 3 days ’till we leave !     :party:

I will keep everyone posted (if we can find a nextG connection :boo: ) on what we are doing after we leave, so check daily.

Josh  :prop:

Preparation in it's final stages.

Well It’s getting close now, preparation is in it’s final stages and everyone is really looking forward to getting on the road.

Over the last few weeks  we have done the preparation on the trailer. We’ve checked and repacked the wheel bearings, greasing the shackles and hitch, replacing the tires and adding some rubber protection to the Jerry can holders. The water tank currently is full of a mix of water and Milton  (The stuff you use to sterilise babys bottles) to get rid of that sitting in the shed taste.

The rear window protector for the car is complete and I mounted that yesterday. It’s made from Polycarbonate sheet mounted using 3M dual lock and some clear silicon “dots” to keep it spaced of the window.

Rear window protector

I also revisited the LRA springs we fitted a few weeks ago – deciding that 220lb just wasn’t heavy enough once I added the load of the trailer plus a packed car. We swapped them over for 320lb and the result is excellant.  Without the load this would be too heavy – but I will be putting the air suspension back in after the trip so I am convinced it’s just right.

The primary battery decided last week to give up the ghost – but as it was the original battery from Land Rover, I guess I can’t really complain about only getting 5 1/2 years out of it!

It did give me an opportunity to prove to myself that in the event of the main battery failing – the secondary does cut in automatically on startup and we now have a nice new 950CCA Century under there.  It’s good to know the secondary battery and isolator is working correctly before we have a problem out in the bush.

So batteries should not  give us any more grief.

We’ve started organising and packing the chargers and 12V batteries for the miriad of devices we seem to have aquired.  Between Cameras , Ipods, Laptops and GPS – its amazing just how many 12V chargers one family can collect!


The car goes back to Roverland this week for a final service and check over, other than that,  preparation over the next week will mainly be food planning – sorting out tools and spares and some last minute bits and pieces.  This is my last clear weekend before we leave as the Victorian Age Short Course Championships keeping us rather busy the next one.

Most likely next post we will be just about ready to go…….


Are we there yet?

Well two weeks with out posting again, :oops:

Yeh I know, that’s pretty slack.. but we have been making progress.

Despite Land Rover making it as hard as possible to mount the HF under the drivers seat it is now solidly mounted and operational.   The  head unit has found a home and it looks like all vehicle comms are complete.

HF Mount4

We have also removed the rear air suspension and installed new LRA rear springs for this trip. I will most likely put the airbags back in after we return – as they do provide a very good ride.

I am making a rear window protector out of poly carbonate sheet that I’ve had cut to size and will be picking up tomorrow.

As long as the weather holds out, this weekend is all about trailer preparation.

It’s in pretty good condition, but repacking the wheel bearings, a full grease and fully flushing the water tank are the main jobs to get done.  I also need to remount the battery box and see what I can do about a little more stone protection.

Just over a month to go and it looks like we are in pretty good shape.

I think the hardest bit left is waiting 40 whole days until we can get out of the city for a while!   :camp:

55 days to go!!


:jgl:  8O   8O   8O

Time seems to be rushing along but we are making steady progress. :D

Vehicle Prep:

Installation of the rear antenna mount for the HF is complete and we have decided on the mounting positions for the Codan HF radio, remote head and speaker.  All of these should go into the car over the weekend….fingers crossed.

The Codan will provide our long distance communications while the UHF will cover more local vehicle to vehicle work. These combined a NextG prepaid as a tethered modem to give us internet access (when we can find some signal), pretty much completes setup of our communications gear.

I hope to arrange some testing  of the HF in the next week or so as well – as we all have a bit to learn and I want all of us to know how to use it in an emergency.

So with a bit of luck, we shouldnt end up like this bloke…


As far as the blog goes there has been a bit of work going on in the background.

We are creating an outback contacts page – I’ve gathered some information from a couple of sites I regularly use, but cross checking and correcting details before I publish them is taking a little longer than I planned.

Hopefully we will have that complete before the end of the week.

Tidying up and getting ready…..

Ok, so I’ve done a bit of a site cleanup today, deleted some of the early test posts and re arranged the format of the Preparation page.

We’ll be updating this more regularly now as we count down to September.  Plenty more preparation work to complete and the kids are starting to learn how to use the blog too…so you never quite know what might end up here!

:4by:    :camp:     :lr:

This weekend we will fit the radio, so should be able to start testing it and teaching the whole clan to use it.

Anyway stay tuned……